Customizing, upgrading and helping with your online presence...

When it comes to Web design development, I can offer a variety of services, from large database driven web sites to the brochure-style presence for small business. Whatever you might require, I have the tools and experience to ensure that the end result will reflect your business model, be professional and stand the test of time.
All projects are built respecting W3C and WCAG standards and also, based on the content provided, careful planning is done to ensure the final project has an effective page layout and search engine optimization.

Custom web design and development.

When working on a new design / project, the first step is a meeting with the client where I get to learn about the business, understand its model, processes and what are your final goals and expectations are.
This is basically the foundation on which the design and development will be built and it will help in creating a project that will meet the current needs of the business, client's preferences and easy integration of future initiatives.
Once the final design is approved, we will be moving into the final staging of building a template / website, testing and deployment.

Upgrading your current website

For those websites that are in need of a refresh, I can improve the front-end code, navigation structure and, if necessary, a slightly new design based on the current color scheme with seamless integration of the current corporate identity and existing marketing materials. The new code will respect the W3C and WCAG standards.
If needed, I can also offer assistance in making your website presentable on mobile platforms like cellphones and tablets.

Template development

If you already have an in-house back-end development team and you only require design or just building a template (if a current design is already done), my standard template development methodology facilitates quick and easy maintenance as well as providing the basis for an array of content management solutions to meet any budget.

Content management

Once a project is completed, I can also offer on-going maintenance and content management for those websites that are mostly content driven and updates are required quickly and constantly.